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In the era of the pandemic some dedicated film professionals move mountains to help hospital workers

Catering trucks are high-jacked and donation drives launched

With the coronavirus pandemic having effectively shuttered production in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, some enterprising film industry veterans are redirecting the industry’s network and muscle to ensure that the populous area’s first responders are fed. Hospital and EMS workers have been pulling incredibly long and taxing shifts amid the pandemic—-many are so ... more >

NEWS: Celine’s artistic director Hedi Slimane curates selection of films on Mubi

A panel that shows diversity and versatility

Besides being passionate about music, Hedi Slimane (featured image) is also fascinated with cinema. The artistic director of Celine has teamed up with Mubi to offer up his own selection of cult films and Hollywood gold, a welcome respite from the daily grind from the couch to the fridge and then to the washer-dryer. Slimane's personal festival includes, "Pierrot Le Fou," "Night Tide," "Paris, ... more >

TRIBECA SHORTS : “Query” (at first, it was a bromance, then it wasn’t)


(in this series we present five short films slated for premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival) Co-writer/director Sophie Kargman’s "Query" was selected to world premiere at this year’s recently postponed Oscar-qualifying Tribeca Film Festival, which is due to be shown online in the coming months to select audiences. The film questions how heterosexuality is formed. It stars Justice Smith ... more >

TRIBECA SHORTS : Alejandra Parody’s “Gets good light”


(in this series we present five short films selected by the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival) This is an important time in America. This country has always been blanketed under the hypocrisy of touting itself as the “land of the free” and one where “all men are created equal,” while our government creates policies and procedures to ensure that people of color and any minority are kept down and aren't ... more >

TRIBECA SHORTS: Linhan Zhang’s “The Last Ferry from Grass Island”


(in this series we present five short films slated for premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival) DESCRIPTION: Director Linhan Zhang’s film was shot during the Hong Kong protests and shares the story of a former Triad looking after his senile mother in a rustic village, when he is faced with being killed by his apprentice. This beautifully shot live action short film will receive its world ... more >

How the music uncorked the full artistic potential of William Friedkin’s “To live and die in L.A.”

Counterfeit world, real-life emotions

The eighties were a fruitful time for the fusion of films and pop music. Never was there a time when the pop charts and the weekly box-office complimented one another as often as they did then. It got to the point where a film’s popularity would sometimes depend on the success of its soundtrack. Eighties-era MTV was a willing participant in the crossover promotion of big Hollywood films, as a hit ... more >

OPINION: #cannesfestival2020, an enigma wrapped in mystery with a cliffhanger that’s … never coming?

The festival's latest press release about when and how it will take place this year is a strange bird

And  now, for the Cannes Festival press release that announces little, leaves much to speculation and wraps up with a note of mystery while flirting with contradiction--and causes much collective eye-rolling in people, one would assume? It did in me, at least. I am rolling my eyes right now, at this strange bird of a message received in my inbox at 6 p.m. Paris time this Tuesday. It began ... more >