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DiCaprio crowned king | OSCARS

Everything's right with the world once again. Leo DiCaprio who had been snubbed several times before has finally landed his first major Oscar win. It was like THE moment of these 88th Academy Awards, and everyone assembled and those watching got what they predicted and expected. Leo DiCaprio walked up on the stage to receive his Oscar for Best Actor for his turn in THE REVENANT and he got a ... more >


DOUGH, an unlikely friendship

International diplomacy, through cinema
Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Holder and Pauline Collins
Directed by John Goldschmidt

Tensions between Jews and Muslims are increasing worldwide. Why not make them break bread together and see what happens? This seems to be the premise of DOUGH, a dramedy headed for the theaters at the end of April that has already been favorably received on the festival circuit. Crusty widower Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce, who appears in HBO's "Game of Thrones") is really set in his ways as the owner ... more >



Stephan James, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons and William Hurt
Directed by Stephen Hopkins

The story of Olympics legend Jesse Owens has always stuck with me. Not because of the glory of winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin games, setting records in front of Adolf Hitler. It has stuck with me because it haunts me – that a man could be a national hero one day and then struggle in the longer RACE of life. RACE doesn’t cover much of Owens’ life outside of his athletic peak. Being ... more >

Colliding Dreams


A conflict that now seems as old as the world (and perhaps it is, as old as the world). The mother of all of humanities' travails for most, the one reliable litmus test for some, a Gordian knot that will probably never be resolved for the rest of us. What is zionism? Most importantly, how does the idea of Zionism today differ from that of seventy years ago? How much has the concept been distorted? ... more >

Stockholm my love


Film was lensed by Christopher Doyle
Neneh Cherry contributed five new songs to the film

In Mark Cousins's STOCKHOLM MY LOVE Alva Achebe (Neneh Cherry) is a passionate Swedish architect who is fascinated by the way buildings can influence lives. And yet, she's haunted by an event from her past. A year earlier, Alva was involved in an accident, the weight of it still affecting her today. On the anniversary of the accident, she reaches breaking point. She gets lost in Stockholm, ... more >



Seventeen years after walking out on them Alfonso returns home to tend to his son who is gravely ill. He finds that his old house hasn't changed, the woman who was once his wife is still working away with his daughter-in-law and grandson. The house is tucked away in the middle of sugar cane plantations that produce constant clouds of ash. Seventeen years after abandoning them, Alfonso will try to ... more >

On the college tip: MIAMI FEST GETTING READY FOR 33

Monica Bellucci, Iciar Bollaín, Gavin Hood and Deepa Mehta will all receive tributes in a new Marquee Series to be presented at the 33rd edition of the Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival that will take place during March 4-13 as was announced yesterday. Additionally, Andrew Currie's comedy THE STEPS, starring James Brolin, will have its U.S. premiere during fest's closing ... more >