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Made in Guatemala

Ever since his Silver Bear win earlier this year at Berlin Jayro Bustamante's IXCANUL (pronounced eesh-kanool) has garnered about fifteen different awards and distinctions. This good year gave Bustamante, a filmmaker from Guatemala, some much-needed exposure and, hopefully, even-better means to make another film soon. In IXCANUL Maria, 17, lives on the slopes of an active volcano. An arranged ... more >

Killing Them Safely

Who tased ya? KILLING THEM SAFELY out in theaters now

Zipper Bros Films | Boxcar Films

KILLING THEM SAFELY, a new documentary (100 min.) out in theaters since yesterday, paints a controversial picture of the taser gun industry--namely, one industry since all of the world's taser guns are manufactured by one outfit called Taser International. The film, written and directed by Nick Berardini, raises the proverbial question of whether taser guns are safer than traditional guns. ... more >

This MACBETH is crazy

Film was a part of the last Cannes Festival
Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard
Directed by Justin Kurzel

The storyline of "MacBeth" can be resumed to the following: Macbeth is a man obsessed by ambition. Done! Scotland is in the throes of civil war, the background goes, and the survival of King Duncan's reign depends on one last battle with the loyal Macbeth commanding his troops. DID YOU KNOW? There are 420 different screen adaptations of the works of Shakespeare, including ones made by Akira ... more >



Entering the void
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon and Guillaume Baillargeon
Directed by Robert Zemeckis

In 1974 Philipe Petit, the French wirewalker, attempted and achieved the impossible. How often can a human being say that? Yes, people are capable of extraordinary feats, yes, there are always more difficult tasks to complete, races to win, higher summits to conquer, new worlds to discover, unknown chasms to explore, masterpieces to create but… I would venture to say that this man truly did the ... more >