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Congolese entrepreneurship. In China.

Måns Månsson and Hongqi Li’s STRANDED IN CANTON is a Swedish/Danish co-production about a Congolese businessman, his Cameroonian girlfriend, his struggles with a Lebanese storage facility owner, and his increasingly hopeless prospects in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Truly, this is a post-globalization world: the boundaries between countries and continents have been rendered essentially ... more >

APPLESAUCE, a confused but intentful mess

From this year's Tribeca Film Festival
Amari Cheatom
Directed by Onur Tukel

Onur Tukel’s APPLESAUCE is a mess. But the problem is that I’m almost certain that it was intended to be a mess from the very beginning. Like an Ornette Coleman record, the unity comes from the disunity and spontaneity of non-harmonious elements blended together around a central theme. In the case of APPLESAUCE, that theme is perhaps the necessity of empathy. Spurred on by a controversial ... more >

TFF2015 | TALKING with David Oelhoffen, director of “Far from men”

Interview with Director David Oelhoffen
Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb
David Oelhoffen

Screen Comment met with Director David Oelhoffen to discuss his newest film: FAR FROM MEN starring Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb. Over a good steaming cup of coffee, he explains how a short story: L’Hôte, written sixty years ago by Albert Camus, needed to be made into a film because of the original text’s potency with today’s world. Two men journey to Tinguit, at the break of the Algerian War, ... more >


John Maclean's SLOW WEST is foremost a showcase film. His first full-length directorial effort, the film seems to exist to demonstrate and validate Maclean's cinematic acumen. Described as a European road trip movie, it follows Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a sixteen year-old Scottish aristocrat who journeys to America seeking his lost love Rose Ross (Caren Pistorius). Along the way he is ... more >


Like a psychopomp, the conductor welcomes passengers onto Amtrak’s Empire Builder, the last great American railway route. Stretching across desolate prairies, mountains, and snowy wastes, the train carries nearly half a million passengers annually from Chicago in the east to Seattle and Portland in the northwest. There is much silence and time for contemplation during the train’s trek across the ... more >

CANNES 2015 | FIRST LOOK, “Las Elegidas

From this year's Cannes Festival selection. Mexican filmmaker David Pablos's "Las Elegidas," which was produced by Canana Films and is, amazingly, the only Latin American film in competition this year. Taking on the matter of prostitution and human trafficking in his native Tijuana, Pablos casts a personal vision unto his subject along with years of extensive research that help impart a ... more >



An oft-stately and delicately composed film
This is Shongwe-La Mer's debut feature
Film premiered at this year's Tribeca

In gutters of suburbia Jabz (Bonko Cosmo Khoza) and September (Sibs Shongwe-La Mer) wander in an anhedonic daze. It’s been one year since their friend Emily (Kelly Bates) hung herself in her backyard, live-streaming her suicide to millions all over the world. Their parents contentedly spend their days working and talking politics, largely oblivious to their children’s struggles with death, ... more >