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Deux jours, une nuit

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Bob Hoskins leaves us

Remembered for "Pennies from heaven" and "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"
He suffered from Parkinson's disease
A magnificent actor leaves us

He was always the consummate performer, that actor's actor who did not have particular ambitions beyond acting because he was so competent at it to begin with. Robert William "Bob" Hoskins, Jr. (born 26 December 1942) was an Englishman who could play your average working stiff with gusto, adding just the right amount of idiosyncrasy, reserve and mystery, even, to the roles he took on. But what ... more >


Directed by Kartik Singh
Shot in New York in 2013
(length: 13')

Thanks to our friend Sandy at Ecran Large in Paris I got to discover the new short film by filmmaker Kartik Singh (pictured below). Shankar, a flower seller living in a squalid room in a tenement building with some friends suddenly catches an unending case of the hiccup. He goes out to work everyday but the hiccup is incomodating people around him and his own health starts deteriorating (one ... more >


Disney made the announcement yesterday
Oscar Isaac and Andy Serkis part of cast
Production will take place at Pinewood Studios

This episode, which follows chronologically "Return of the Jedi," is expected to be released in North America in the fall of 2015. Casting for this new sequel will be composed of veteran actors from the previous trilogies as well as some new faces. Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca all will resume their duties. The announcement was made by Disney yesterday. It's anyone's ... more >

TRIBECA: pearls of wisdom from GABE COWAN

Owner of New Artists Alliance
Presented two films at Tribeca this year
See also our review of "Just before I go"

So you want to be a filmmaker. Here’s something to keep etched away in your mind, courtesy of writer-director-producer Gabriel Cowan: ‘Just do something’ and ‘make it work.’ Those phrases have kept Gabriel Cowan going for years. He probably felt thus gratified, then, when passing on this advice to an aspiring filmmaker at a recent Q&A here at the Tribeca Festival. In fact, it must have ... more >


Greene appeared in "Bonanza: The Next Generation"
This is her first feature-length film
She's collaborated with Fran Kranz before

As part of my ongoing series on Women Filmmakers I got to meet Gillian Greene (pictured here with her husband Sam Raimi) after the screening of her feature-length debut “Murder of a Cat." She proved to be as charming as her film was compelling and humorous. Green is the wife of director Sam Raimi and the daughter of legendary actor Lorne Greene, so her connection to show-business is deep. But ... more >

GWYNETH PALTROW – After the divorce, business woes

Paltrow is the founder of
Her and Chris Martin had been married ten years
Goop CEO Seb Bishop recently resigned from his post

Things could be going just a little better for Gwyneth Paltrow (and they probably will again soon). A little less than a month after she announced her divorce from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin we learned that GOOP, the lifestyle site which she founded to be a girl's best girlfriend, had suffered losses of about $ 1.2M. Radar Online, which got access to the company's books, revealed this ... more >