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In “MEDORA” doc basketball is town’s hope

Opens November 8
Directed by Davy Rothbart and Andrew Cohn
Produced by Rachel Dengiz, Davy Rothbart, Andrew Cohn, Rachael Counce

Years ago, Medora, Indiana was a booming rural community with prosperous farms, an automotive parts factory, a brick plant, and a thriving middle class. The factories have since closed, crippling Medora's economy and its pride. The population has slowly dwindled to around five-hundred people. Drug use is common, the school faces consolidation, and as one resident put it, “this town's on the ... more >

Shooting of “Northmen” WRAPS UP

It's the Viking thing to do
Nordmedia Fonds / Salt Company

After eights weeks of filming principal photography for European and South African production "Northmen - A Viking Saga" has wrapped. The extensive crew and international cast have battled the elements on the shores and in the valleys of South Africa, which replicated the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands where the Viking Saga is set. Ralph Dietrich of Ascot Elite Entertainment Group commented ... more >

12 Years a slave

The story that needs to be retold
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o and Michael Fassbender
Directed by Steve McQueen

Among movies about race in America, how many great films have been made about slavery? We’ve seen gentle drivers ("Driving Miss Daisy"), sisterhoods of maids ("The Help") and pizza places going up in smoke for our sins ("Do the Right Thing"). Most of these films focus on the sixties or the modern day. Even Lincoln barely touches on slavery as more than legal theory. This enormous, shocking gap ... more >

Romeo and Juliet

Not the best adaptation
Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth
Directed by Carlo Carlei

Never has there been a story of more woe than Carlo Carlei’s lukewarm adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet," that most eminent of romantic tragedies. The problem with this film adaptation is that it is about as romantic as a bad date and the acting performances are worthy of a pre-Glee high-school production. Bringing the star-crossed lovers to life––or sucking it completely out of them––are Hailee ... more >


An extraordinary tale about an extraordinary author
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton and John Cusack
Directed by Shane Salerno

To say that critics have not been kind to Shane Salerno’s “Salinger” is an understatement. They call it subjective to the point of hagiography, bloated and overlong, the ultimate intrusion in the life of an author who lived on the equivalent of a mountaintop in order to be left alone by the myriad fans enthralled for the last two generations by his single book, “The Catcher in the Rye.” They say ... more >


("I want to be Robert Rodriguez")
Machete Kills [Open Road Films][R]

How not to be a little envious of Robert Rodriguez? The guy weaponizes women's tits for a living, fer chrissakes. The Texan native, all charm and brawniness, is a man's man: he sticks to his guns and traces his own destiny. And even though he makes oft-gruesome movies, films like "Planet Terror" and "El Mariachi" have their place in the American canon. Besides, giving credit where credit is ... more >

WADJDA demands to be noticed (here’s why)

There's Oscar chatter in the air
Waad Mohammed and Reem Abdullah
Directed by Haifaa al-Mansour

The most striking aspect of “Wadjda” isn’t so much that it’s the first movie filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia, a country bereft of movie theatres, or that it is the product of a female writer and director (Haifaa al-Mansour): it’s that it manages to make the viewer forget these achievements thanks to its elegant plot and the understated, admirable performances of its actors. Set in a suburb of ... more >