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Psych ward shenanigans


We'll meet again, sung by Vera Lynn (HellBoy), Rocket Man, sung by Elton John (K-Pax) 2001, Guitars Cadillacs, sung by Dwight Yoakam (Terminator 2) 1991, Nothing really blue, sung by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (The Princess and The Warrior) 2000, Forgetting, sung by The Feminine Complex (Girl, Interrupted) 1999, Behind Blue Eyes, sung by Limp Bizkit (Gothika), Do It Better, sung by Happy Mondays ... more >

Men in Black 3

A very franchisey kind of franchise
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

“Men in Black 3” is a paycheck movie for everyone involved, except the audience, who again get another middling, phoned-in sequel looking to drain their wallets with its average 3-D-ness. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones again return as agents J and K, except Jones much more briefly. His Agent K has been extinguished, all part of a plan by alien baddie Boris the Animal (the always-funny Jemaine ... more >

Gods and Men


[CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] Intro: I'll see you in my dreams, Django Reinhardt / background music: Dancehall Tornado (Original Mix), Way Out West / Outro: It's like that, RUN DMC (Dance version) / MAIN Snappy Lipstick, original music by Angelo Badalamenti (Holy Smoke), 1999 / The Falls, original music by Ennio Morricone (The Mission), 1986 / I am sorry, original music by James Newton Howard (I ... more >


It's not quite a movie, but it's not quite a play either
Keira Knightley and Jude Law
Directed by Joe Wright

Keira Knightley and filmmaker Joe Wright ("Atonement") team up again to cover a celebrated work of European literature, this time focusing on forbidden love among the Russian aristocracy described by Tolstoy. The latter has directed a gorgeous-looking, if overindulgent, film, although nary a soul is to be found in it. Knightley, as the title character, wallows in her loveless marriage to ... more >

YouTube studios open for business

Similar facilities already exist in London

Youtube just opened production facilities in Hollywood, according to The Wrap. In an effort to expand its role in the content business, YouTube is soft launching its flagship production facility, the YouTube Space Los Angeles, today, a representative for the company told TheWrap (read the rest of the story here: ... more >

HOBBIT premieres today

Today in Wellington

"'The Hobbit' almost did not get shot here,” Peter Jackson (pictured with his daughter) told New Zealand Radio. Jackson, will present the world premiere of “ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" in Wellington today. "The worst moment for me was when a box, a big box, was delivered to my office.” They had sent a reconaissance team to England and Scotland to take pictures," he added. Studio ... more >

Anna Karenina

... more >