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Trouble with the curve

Taking the one last trip, together
Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake
Directed by Robert Lorenz

Life's about curveballs. Case in point: no one expected Clint Eastwood to debate an empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Likewise no one likely thought his first acting role since 2008’s "Grand Torino" (SEE our review) would be in something so draggy and lightweight as “Trouble with the Curve.” Eastwood's Gus is all growl, stubbornness and agitation--look out, furniture. A ... more >

About Cherry

Taking a long peek inside a closed world
Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco and Heather Graham
Directed by Stephen Elliott

“About Cherry” strives to display the porn industry—or at least its San Francisco chapter—in a more positive light than in “Hardcore,” “Boogie Nights” and other outwardly leering, inwardly moralistic takes on the subject. The directorial debut of author Stephen Elliott, who worked as a stripper in his twenties, and co-written by porn star Lorelei Lee, the film is refreshingly devoid of rape, ... more >


... more >


When you make the error of a lifetime who will you turn to?
Richard Gere, Brit Marling and Susan Sarandon
Directed by Nicholas Jarecki

There’s been talk about Richard Gere’s performance possibly getting an Oscars nod but after just seeing Jack Black in “Bernie” and considering Daniel Day Lewis’s “Lincoln” is coming out soon it’s hard to get overly excited about Gere. He plays Robert Miller a hedge fund C.E.O. attempting to merge his company with a large public bank while hiding the fact that he’s lost nearly all of his money ... more >

Will “The Intouchables” go to the Oscars?

Speculating on a possible Gallic contender

The French hurricane is raging on. "The Intouchables" France's biggest B.O. success in fifty years was short-listed to represent this country at this year's Oscars; the final decision will be rendered in January. Filmmakers Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache sounded optimistic about their chances, tweeting "'The Intouchables' on its way to the Oscars" a few moments after France's official film ... more >

The best exotic Marigold Hotel

Rated highly on TripAdvisor
Bill Nighy and Judi Dench
Directed by John Madden

Somewhere buried within the geeks wearing Iron Man, Batman, and Spider-man costumes lies the over-sixty moviegoer, wondering what summer can offer them? Enter super…British acting royalty. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is not only that antidote to loudness, but it’s so plain and nice that it’s hard not to be swayed by it. At the center of this tale of elderly people who go to India ... more >

Controversy surrounds Nina Simone biopic

Bloggers ignite the mic

"Not black enough." That's the argument being leveled at the decision to cast Zoe Saldana in the role of Nina Simone for an upcoming Cynthia Mort biopic entitled "Nina" about the troubling songbird. Sadly, it is a tenet of Hollywood that lighter-skinned actors are more bankable. Here's what the Coffee Rhetoric blog wrote about this: "Black actresses have a difficult enough time navigating the ... more >