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Don’t Stop Believin’ (TRAILER)

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TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Narrative Filmmaker/press meet-and-greet

Catching up with first-time filmmaker Jenny Deller

On Sunday the Tribeca Festival held its Narrative Filmmaker Press Reception at their Cadillac Lounge in downtown New York. In attendance were roughly fifty filmmakers and their guests, with everyone eager to network. I got to meet several filmmakers, including writer-director-producer Jenny Deller (pictured, with me) whose feature film Future Weather will be having its world premiere here at ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Next stop Francophrenia

Experimenting with the id, superid, and the ego

James Franco has a lot going for himself. At thirty-four he’s already had a prolific career having risen from the parapets of television to Hollywood challenger status all while attending grad school and appearing in a daytime soap. But doesn’t this sound like the last-ditch attempt of a fading star seeking to reclaim the limelight? In interviews I’ve seen of him Franco appears as nothing more ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Noshing with Bob and Jane

It's breakfast-time at the Tribeca Festival

[In keeping with tradition the Tribeca Festival begins with a breakfast organized for journalists, programmers and founders] On the morning of April 18th I showed up at the festival's 92Y building for the launch event. There were about a hundred other reporters and photographers being ushered into a conference room where muffins, danish, various juices and bloody marys (perhaps to help sober up ... more >


The complication of returning home

Writer-actor-director Tom O'Brien is not from Massachusetts, that much is clear. With his perfect diction and skin unweathered by sea spray it's a little hard (this from someone who grew up on the coast of Maine) to imagine him as the protagonist of Fairhaven, a buddy dramedy that premiered this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. O'Brien plays John, an aimless bachelor still living in his ... more >

Macdara Vallely

"I have very Catholic tastes when it comes to art"

Babygirl is Irish filmmaker Macdara Vallely’s alternatively wistful and funny tale of a sixteen year-old wise-beyond-her-years Bronx girl named Lena (Yainis Ynoa) who defiantly protects her mother (Rosa Arredondo). A lonely single mom, Lucy is easily swayed by flattery, which repeatedly links her to unworthy male suitors. When an oily, mustachioed youngster named Victor (Flaco Navaja) flirts ... more >

Journey Doc (NEWSCAST)

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