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Amos Vogel dies, co-founded NYFF

Lifelong New Yorker chaired many an international festival's selection committee

It would be hard to call ourselves a New York publication without immediately mentioning someone's passing this week. Amos Vogel, who co-founded the New York Film Festival, passed away in New York yesterday. According to a press release we received, Martin Scorsese made the following comment: "If you’re looking for the origins of film culture in America, look no further than Amos Vogel. Between ... more >


Upcoming title to be his most overtly erotic work to date

It was just announced that Charlotte Gainsbourg was attached to an upcoming Lars Von Trier project. She will be appearing in "Nymphomaniac," an erotic drama about a woman's sexual adventures. This will be Gainsbourg’s third collaboration with Von Trier, following "Antichrist" and "Melancholia,” both controversial and heavily-praised films. Charlotte Gainsbourg will play Joe, a woman who ... more >

YEKSHEMESH | Kazakhstan reverses itself on “BORAT”

Thank-yous were probably long overdue

Kazakhstan on Monday made a public show of gratitude towards the 2006 comedy "Borat" for having massively contributed to the development of tourism in the central Asian state. Upon its release, the film, which describes Kazakhstan as backward and barbaric, had been banned immediately in that country. "After the release of this film, the number of visas issued by Kazakhstan has been multiplied ... more >

The Fourth Dimension (TRAILER)

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TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Punching through “The Fourth Dimension”-REVIEW

Three filmmakers, a million viewpoints

Sometime last year Eddy Moretti, co-founder of Vice Magazine’s film division, assigned three movie directors from different countries a fairly abstract project. They were to each shoot a short film about the concept of a fourth dimension, and follow such rules as “the hero needs to be bold,” “the hero also needs to be flawed,” and “a stuffed animal needs to make an appearance.” Moretti also ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Documenting a struggling Maine fish cannery in “Downeast”-REVIEW

A narrative of resilience--to behold

Downeast is about what at first sounds like the most boring possible cinematic subject: rebuilding a destitute fish cannery. And yet it's anything but. Filmmaker David Redmon and Ashley Sabin manage to pack politics, economics, and a large dollop of human interest into their seventy-six minute film. Though it's not without its significant problems, Downeast brings light to the desperate economic ... more >

Alekesam (TRAILER)

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