Dane Cook in new movie

Tonight Roadside Attractions will be releasing Answers to Nothing via VOD, starring Dane Cook, Barbara Hershey (Black Swan) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost). Cook plays a man struggling with his own infidelity. Set against the backdrop of a missing girl case, the film tells interweaving stories of several Los Angelenos trying to do the right thing. Directed by Matthew Leutwyler (Dead and Breakfast), who co-wrote the script with Gillian Vigman, Answers to Nothing was produced by Amanda Marshall and Sim Sarna.

Cook, who’s best known for filling sports arenas with his stand-up comedy but has recently appeared in a spate of feel-good American comedy fare (Goodluck Chuck, Dan in Real Life, Employee of the Month) was recently asked whether it was hard playing two different personalities with one character in Answers to Nothing (his character is that of a confident therapist, but one who also has a troubled personal life).

Here’s what he said, “I wouldn’t say it was hard to play both, but he is a complex individual and yet this is behavior we all do. We show up every day to work and put on our game face, but people don’t know personal life circumstances. Having career moments (SNL) coupled with hard personal experiences (with my parents), I didn’t want to let my fans down. You have breakdown moments. So I could absolutely relate to my character. That was fresh in my mind – having to switch gears.”

Is Cook eyeing a possibly permanent move to the big screen? When asked what directors he’d like to work with best, he responded, I’d love to work with Woody Allen and I love Jason Reitman. I have met Jason a few times and would love to play in his world. I also love Diablo Cody. I’ve met with Steven Spielberg. Probably one of the most poignant moments of my career. I auditioned for him a few years ago and got incredible feedback. That film, by the way, never ended up being made. It was one he was developing, but never ended up on his slate. I eventually ended up conversing w/ Steven at an Oscar party and some of his words of wisdom have guided me and made a great impact. I would hope we could close that circle of what was a great start. He is a big inspiration

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