Tony Scott to shoot John Grisham ADAPTATION

What’s the buzz ? Tony Scott may be called on to direct the next John Grisham adaptation—it’s almost in the bag. Studio will try and get as close to securing a win as possible since Scott often runs over budget, and by a lot. Shia Labeouf has been attached already. It will be called “The Associate” and will be about a young lawyer blackmailed into taking a job in a big corporation and passing along secrets to a shady defense contractor. Sounds pretty cool, and besides I need a big-firm thriller to sink my teeth in.

On a different note, I was browsing film forums in search of some interesting jabber and ran into this on talk-movies:

”I think movies do affect our lives, but only superficially. Having said that I can think of at least one film that really had an impact on me because of the crap I was going through at the time: American Beauty. It gave me the motivation to quit my job and do something more creative with my life.”