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Golshifteh Farahani

Iran's most recognizable actress lives outside her country
Known for "Body of Lies," "Chicken with Plums," "About Elly"
(b. July 10th, 1983)

Paris-The first thing you notice about Golshifteh Farahani is her eyes. They're large and project a gaze that at times reveals an uneasiness in the person. She wears almost no make-up, her only whim a pair of fashionable sunglasses which she quickly removes after sitting down in the Left Bank bistro where we met. I ask if she’s had time to enjoy Paris's vibrant cultural life and her face brightens ... more >

Tony Scott to shoot John Grisham ADAPTATION

What’s the buzz ? Tony Scott may be called on to direct the next John Grisham adaptation—it’s almost in the bag. Studio will try and get as close to securing a win as possible since Scott often runs over budget, and by a lot. Shia Labeouf has been attached already. It will be called “The Associate” and will be about a young lawyer blackmailed into taking a job in a big corporation and passing ... more >


Quest for honor

A filmmaker investigates

In an area of Kurdistan where Iran meets with Turkey and Iraq, a woman’s body is found, her frozen hand still grasping her hair in the agony of death. A lifeless body, abandoned in the Oriental Wild West. After a call is placed to the local Women’s Media Center, Runak Faraj, the center’s leader, and her colleague Kalthum Murad Ibrahim are requested to join local Ranya Police Chief Abudullah at the ... more >

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Slow-ripened and thrilling
Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston
Directed by J Blakeson

The feature-length debut of British writer-director J. Blakeson should be a film school model on how to shoot a shoestring-budget thriller. This taut, chilling account of a kidnapping plot's slow unravelling excels primarily because of its economical approach. Not only is the film centered exclusively on the nervous ex-convict Danny (Martin Compston), his fierce, no-nonsense superior Vic (Eddie ... more >