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By ALI NADERZAD – April 15, 2010

IFC Films will open Duncan Ward’s star-studded satire ‘‘Boogie Woogie’’ on Friday, April 23 in New York at the IFC Center. The film will be available nationwide in fifty million homes on VOD beginning on April 21.

Adapted by Danny Moynihan from his novel of the same name, ‘‘Boogie Woogie’’ is a wicked satire set against the backdrop of the contemporary London art scene where lust, ambition and power prevail while success and failure precariously balance on a knife edge. The film features a noteworthy ensemble cast including Danny Huston, Stellan Skarsgård, Heather Graham, Alan Cumming, Christopher Lee, Charlotte Rampling, and up-and-comers like Amanda Seyfried, Jaime Winstone and Jack Huston. ‘‘Boogie Woogie’’ premiered last year at the Edinburgh Film Festival. In film biz parlance, this movie’s got legs.

The story centers around the acquisition of Mondrian’s abstract painting “‘Boogie Woogie’.” The film charts the schemings of the art dealers, collectors, artists and wannabes who are all willing to use any means necessary to achieve their own personal ambitions. Each parallel story plummets towards its own depraved conclusion until the stories collide, leading to a wicked finale.

‘‘Boogie Woogie’’ is directed by Duncan Ward, who makes his feature debut, and features work by Damien Hirst, Bruce Nauman, Gavin Turk and the Chapman Brothers. The film is an Autonomous/Colourframe Production with S Films, in association with Constance Media, Firefly Films, Muse Productions, P&C Arcade Films and Magna Films. ‘‘Boogie Woogie’’ is produced by Cat Villiers, Chris Simon, Kami Naghdi and Danny Moynihan.