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By CRAIG YOUNKIN – February 15, 2010

The Good: While promoting “Shutter Island” (pictured) at the Berlin International Film Festival, Martin Scorsese said he was interested in doing another mob world-related project, adding “Bob De Niro [and I] are talking about something that has to do with that world. We’re working on something like that, but it’s from the vantage point of older men looking back, none of this running around stuff.” It’s gotta be a collective dream of almost everyone to see DeNiro, Scorsese and Pesci back together for at least one more time, so it’s going to be amazing to watch how this materializes. Get your shine box movie fans: another classic is on the way.

The Bad: “Valentines Day” made close to 60 million dollars this weekend. I hate it when awful movies do well ’cause that means sequel…and ohhh crap, I spoke too soon. The sequel, “New Years Eve,” is already being planned for Valentines Day next year, probably starring the other 50% of Hollywood not used on “Valentines Day.”

The Ugly: Anyone who remembers Fox TV shows “In Living Color” and “Martin” will probably remember the female sketch comedy characters, Wanda and Sheneneh, played by Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence. Well now it seems like Foxx and Lawrence are moving ahead with a movie about the butt-ugly ladies called “Skank Robbers” (yeah, i’m serious) set to be released sometime next year. I like Jamie Foxx but if there was ever going to be a reason horrible enough for your Oscar to be stripped away from you, I think he’s come close to one here.

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