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Come one come all, the show's in town
Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard and Penélope Cruz
Directed by Rob Marshall

Setting a possible record for Oscar-bait per cubic inch, Nine seems destined to appeal to every part of the Academy, although It’s true that it would be a better film if it were called Six and if there were a couple fewer of the women tormenting Daniel-Day Lewis’ director Guido Contini. And we could all sleep better without the Kate Hudson number, but this musical extravaganza has enough good ... more >

Ruling the den of blues: who do you love

Documentary about Chess Records set for April release

Following its acclaimed premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Who Do You Love, the new film from four-time Tony Award-winner Jerry Zaks (Marvin’s Room)will open in theaters beginning in April. The film, which presents an intimate look into the lives of Leonard and Phil Chess, legendary founders of Chess Records, stars Alessandro Nivola (Coco Before Chanel, Junebug), Jon Abrahams ... more >

AVATAR – coming to a theatre near you

Get ready for the blue hurricane

This week is Avatar week, all aboard for a December 18th theatrical release--and B.O. bonanza? In fact, all eyes will be turned to Avatar to see how well this behemoth-sized movie will do at the box office beyond this week. Did you know that the studio, Twentieth Century Fox, will have spent close to half a billion dollar on this film? It's no secret that Hollywood has become risk-adverse in ... more >

Jake Goldberger

2010 will be the Year of the Don. Oh yea.

Audiences were gaga over "Don McKay," starring Thomas Haden Church, Elisabeth Shue and Melissa Leo at the Tribeca Festival last year. Part-film noir and part-comedy "Don McKay" (Haden Church) is about the namesake high-school janitor who glumly goes through the motions of a pitiable life until a mysterious letter arrives one day. It's terrifically suspenseful, unpredictable and sometimes downright ... more >

B-13 Redux

French parkour cadets are back at it again
Cyril Raffaelli, David Belle and Tony D'Amario
Directed by Pierre Morel

First I shall say, Viva La Mag! I've seen several films recently that Magnolia Pictures acquired and they are definite winners. Food, Inc. and Bronson come to mind. In fact, both of these made SCREENCOMMENT.COM'S Best-Of list for 2009, published earlier this month. At first I was thrilled to hear that the B-13 team had come up with a new chapter in the urban squalor saga set in Paris' less ... more >

Up in the Air

The gentle chaos of modern dislocation. Say what?
George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick
Directed by Jason Reitman

Air captures the way we live in a downsizing world. The thing that you must realize is that the critics saying this mostly have worked for newspapers or print publications. They work in a notoriously fickle industry that currently going through financial and existential crises. So a movie about downsizing that follows a corporate downsizer is going to feel intensely real and relevant to those ... more >

Celebrity Sightings

Polanski, Giamatti & Co.

I saw Roman Polanski at an aiport once. A couple years ago, I was sitting at the airport in Nice, France, the day after attending the Cannes Festival's closing and noticed air being displaced. The diminutive French-Polish filmmaker settled on the bench next to me and started reading the newspaper, giving off a kind of reticent charm. The people to my right elbowed each other and said, ... more >