Last Updated: May 17, 2009By

By ALI NADERZAD As my parents are driving from Paris to Cannes to spend the next few days at the festival, I have been calling around to try and get some invitations to some screenings. I might just be successful with this–we’ll see. Also, the AMFAR fundraiser in Cap D’Antibes is coming up in a few days. Got my tuxedo ready. It will be a very classic tuxedo–fortunately Eric Kohn of indiewire will be coming as well so we’ll probably ride the press bus there together.

This morning I saw the new Johnny To movie “Revenge,” with none other than French crooner Johnny Hallyday. The film was wonderful; granted, it’s got its fair share of cliches but these sorts of films, about Hong Kong and Macau triads in all-out wars are the new Westerns. Justice, honor and respect are the order of the day. When a family is executed by a rival gang, revenge must be exacted.

To puts a premium on production values and his actors are sleeked out and decked out (sunglasses are de rigueur everywhere, whether indoors or under pouring rain). And yet the film is highly enjoyable, thrilling, even, as modern Westerns go. I highly recommend “Revenge.” I am still finishing my review of Kinatay and today plan on seeing Mia Hansen-Love’s Le pere de mes enfants and Lars Von Trier’s ‘Antichrist.”

Finally, sun and warm weather. My colleague from Germany even suggested going for a swim although I’m happy just sitting in darkened movie theatres and then going back to the press room. I am loading up on business news daily to see what’s happening in movie world. They’re making a sequel to “The Descent,’ have you heard? Also, Gaumont has set a new objective for itself: to make more English-language cinema (pictured: dir. Mia Hansen-Love, France)