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(BY ALI NADERZAD) Anupama Chopra, one of India’s foremost film critic and the author of a recent book about Shah Rukh Khan, offers some perspectives on her role as member of the Un Certain Regard jury at the 61st Cannes Film Festival. Can you briefly describe why you chose Tulpan as the best film? This was a unanimous decision. We all loved the film. We were five people from five different countries who had never met before and yet it spoke equally to all of us. I think it had a big heart. It presented huge problems with insight and tenderness and saluted the human spirit. Did participating on the Jury live up to your expectations? Yes, being on the jury was a fabulous education. Our president Fatih Akin was wonderful and democratic. We all had our say and he listened. I met lots of very interesting people. I saw so many stories from so many parts of the world. And it was interesting that by and large all of us, from five different cultures were moved and bored by the same things. So cinema is truly a universal language. Was there one film in particular you had supported but did not garner anything? I don’t think its fair to talk about this. What projects are you working on in the near future? Currently I am consumed by my television show Picture This on New Delhi Television.