Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society”

A great Allen vintage
Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg
Directed by Woody Allen

2016 is starting to shape up as the year of the love letter to Hollywood’s Golden Age. We started the year with the Coen Brothers's "Hail Caesar!," a kidnapping comedy set in a fictional fifties studio with million-dollar mermaids, crooning cowboys and blacklisted commie screenwriters. Still to come is Damien Chazelle’s musical "La La Land" with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Stuck in the middle is ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL – The Raoul effect

Mysteries of the Cannes Festival

CANNES, France -- Are you familiar with the Raoul Effect? Probably not, because it's a phenomenon that's known only to those people who've been to the Cannes Festival and watched films tendered in the official selection. Someone, it's unclear who, screams "raoul" at the beginning of the daily 7pm screening in the Debussy theater. No one knows why. It's unclear who the author of the scream is, ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL | Laurent Lafitte, unmaster of ceremony

He was supposed to host, not roast!

CANNES, France - Seems like French actor and host of this year's Cannes Festival mistook Master of Ceremony with Roastmaster. Everyone, probably, was therefore caught off-guard when he made a seriously foul comment about Woody Allen, who was seated in the room with Soon-Yi Previn and the cast of his latest film, "Cafe Society." Making a reference to Roman Polansky's rape-related legal problems ... more >

Stockholm my love


Film was lensed by Christopher Doyle
Neneh Cherry contributed five new songs to the film

In Mark Cousins's STOCKHOLM MY LOVE Alva Achebe (Neneh Cherry) is a passionate Swedish architect who is fascinated by the way buildings can influence lives. And yet, she's haunted by an event from her past. A year earlier, Alva was involved in an accident, the weight of it still affecting her today. On the anniversary of the accident, she reaches breaking point. She gets lost in Stockholm, ... more >



Film stars Alba Rohrwacher, the director's sister
Alba Rohrwacher, Maria Alexandra Lungu and Sam Louwyck
Directed by Alice Rorhwacher

Entrenched in a small village in Italy's Umbria region, under the close supervision of her protective father, young Gelsomina sees little of the outside the world. She doesn't ask too many questions, either. On the farm where she lives with her young and sisters and her parents she helps out in the family's beekeeping business. Her fate appears sealed. And yet, two events will soon inject some ... more >


Notwithstanding the lack of one film trailblazing the others as was the case in previous years (MOMMY or LA VIE D'ADELE, as recent examples, HOLY MOTORS a little bit earlier), 2015 has borne a tremendously-strong Cannes vintage. So yes, credit--much of it--goes to Thierry Frémaux and his team for having bravely assembled such an inventive slate of films by filmmakers who express themselves ... more >


This year's Cannes Festival selection will be revealed during a press conference given in Paris on April 16th. At this time about a third of the contending films have been identified, according to the festival's general delegate (and programmer) Thierry Frémaux. A whopping 1,800 films have been submitted this year. "Everything happens in the next two weeks," Frémaux told the French National ... more >