The Grandmaster

"Yi dai zong shi" [original title]
Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung
Directed by Wong Kar-Wai

This is Wong Kar Wai's first martial arts outing, not to mention his first film since his embarrassing English-language attempt “My Blueberry Nights” from 2007. Wong spent three years researching “Grandmaster,” which tells of Kung Fu masters in Northern China and Hong Kong in the years before WWII until the fifties, and he seems to have gotten all the details, down to the buttons on Tony ... more >


Hong Kong tabloid accused the actress of prostitution

Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi is suing Hong Kong’s largest circulation daily, Apple Daily, for an article published at the end of last month in which it asserts that the star sold her “services” to senior Chinese officials. In its May 29th edition the Apple Daily claimed that Zhang Ziyi was a prostitute and provided sexual favors in exchange for money to Bo Xilai, a former high Chinese official ... more >