A new take on Wes Anderson’s movies

Brought to you by the Nacho Punch people

Thanks (or not) to the Nacho Punch Youtube channel we now know what a Wes-Anderson-turned-porn-helmer would look like. The nacho network ripped some scenes from "Moonrise Kingdom" to great comedic effect. Watch until the very end for one of the best Owen Wilson imitations we've seen in a while. ... more >

YouTube studios open for business

Similar facilities already exist in London

Youtube just opened production facilities in Hollywood, according to The Wrap. In an effort to expand its role in the content business, YouTube is soft launching its flagship production facility, the YouTube Space Los Angeles, today, a representative for the company told TheWrap (read the rest of the story here: ... more >

Youtube reaches 4BN views

That's a lot of loopy kid video views

This January marks a phenomenal achievement: Youtube, the little independent company that could (which was bought by Google for the trivial sum of $ 1.5bn) has reached the 4 billion views a day threshold, which translates to one hour of video being downloaded every second. Between the fact that Youtube has successfully integrated its platform to mobile technologies, the trend for the last few ... more >