Salles is a Cannes favorite, having presented several movies in Cannes
This year he is coming to Cannes in a mentoring capacity

Walter Salles is hosting this year's Cinemas du Monde series (see the full story here) We caught up with him just before the Cannes Festival to ask him a few questions: If one of the filmmakers in this year’s lineup were to ask you for a piece of your personal wisdom concerning their career as filmmaker, what would you tell them? Only do a film if the story that you've elected is absolutely ... more >

Brazilian Cinema nineties and beyond

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 12

Main theme, Caetano Veloso (O Quatrilho, directed by Bruno Barreto), 1995 Original soundtrack, Jacques Merelenbaum and Antonio Pinto (Central Station, directed by Walter Salles), 1998 Original soundtrack, Lucio Maia and Fernando Catatau (Yellow Mango, directed by Claudio Assis), 2002 Na rua, na chuva, na fazenda, Hyldon (City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles), 2002 Main theme, Andre ... more >

“On the Road” – MOVIE REVIEW

Sam Riley and Sal Paradise portray our great American liberals, the Beats

Eight years may not be that long to turn into film that most iconic of iconic novels, Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," the book that has launched many into sustained bouts of daydreaming. Because eight years is the time it took for the project to mature. Plus, the film was lensed by one of our better filmmakers and is based on the ultimate American myth, the road story (the open road is there for ... more >

CANNES PLAYBOOK: Anderson and Salles films on tap


American cinema has always been prominent in the Cannes Festival’s programming, thanks to Gilles Jacob and Thierry Frémaux, president and programming director respectively, both of whom give our cinema ample screen time (the festival will take place May 16-May 27. Italy’s Nanni Moretti will be president of the jury). Last year, Cannes was the launchpad for two American productions, The Artist, ... more >