[2012] Venice Biennale Wrap-up

Solondz, Haynes & Ferrara

The 68th Venice Film Festival was a pandemonium of pushy, autograph-hounding journalists, hapless stargazers and underage fashionistas talking their way into exclusive parties. Walking along the beach, as the late-summer sun beat down on the Lido, it was easy to forget that this festival was about movies of differing shapes and sizes, where big Hollywood productions vied with quirky indies and ... more >


By RUBY BOUKABOU - September 2, 2010hmm ... Natalie Portman was in all the Italian papers, the short film festival opened last night with Peaches! (my Italian producer only took his sunglasses off when absolutely essential all morning).Freida Pinto is absent but Julian Shnabel and Rula Jebreal are talking about "Miral," the film based on Rula's story. Interviewing actresses Hiam Abbass and Yasmine ... more >