Does Hollywood see black filmmakers as black first and director second?

I was forced a laugh after being faced with this issue recently: why aren't there more black directors directing mainstream Hollywood pictures? Is it a rhetorical question? Probably. But it’s also one that we as filmmakers and producers don't like facing because the answers are always inadequate. Some facts: among the 200 top-grossing films of 2011 approximately five where helmed by black ... more >

Alex Cross

Having Tyler Perry on your cast
Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox and Cicely Tyson
Directed by Rob Cohen

Anyone who’s ever read James Patterson’s "Alex Cross" novels knows that the Psychologist/Detective is far from the AARP card-carrying veteran made famous by Morgan Freeman. He’s actually a single father living with two kids (with a third on the way, plus a possible promotion to the FBI) and his grandma, Nana Mama. So “Alex Cross” is a reboot of sorts, one with the wild card of having Tyler “Madea” ... more >