• Darren Aronofsky is a divisive filmmaker, his latest film, “The Whale,” will be a divisive film.

    Brendan Fraser stars as Charlie, an obese man (weighing close to 600 pounds) who is eating his way to an early grave. 

    Charlie is a teacher who keeps his camera off for his online class, as he doesn’t want his students to see his girth. He lives alone and is

  • Other than that, there’s not so much to say about a pretty conventional schlock horror story that might as well be made by a studio. Jennifer Connelly would play Rose Byrne as the harried mother moving into a strange new suburban house. David Strathairn or Peter Sarsgaard or heck, Patrick Wilson would play Patrick Wilson as the cursed father. A child actor from the Disney pod factory would play the boy going into a mysterious coma. The creepy noises and creepy voices would play themselves.