Tribeca Film Festival| “Nerdland”

When your dreams of super-stardom have become just that
Hannibal Buress, Julie Galdieri and Mike Judge
Directed by Chris Prynoski

Ever notice that it’s almost always a bad sign when an R-rated animated movie brags about being an R-rated animated movie? The one exception might be SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT (1999), but other than that the pickings are slim. I had this realization watching Chris Prynoski’s NERDLAND, a very graphic animated comedy filled to the brim with boobs, boners, and buttholes. The first feature ... more >


Tribeca Film Festival | “Life, Animated”

Letting the story speak for itself
Owen Suskind and Ron Suskind
Directed by Roger Ross Williams

I think it was the moment when Gilbert Gottfried showed up out of the blue at the Disney club run by Owen Suskind—an autistic man who learned to interact with the outside world through Disney movies—that I started to feel like I was being manipulated by Roger Ross Williams’ new documentary "Life, Animated." Because while I am for documentarians taking whatever creative license they feel necessary ... more >


Tribeca Film Festival “The first Monday in May”

Sumptuous and undercooked
Andrew Bolton, John Galliano and Jean-Paul Gaultier
Directed by Andrew Rossi

Andrew Rossi’s new documentary THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY is gorgeous, sumptuous. It’s also undercooked. The film follows the inception, creation, and opening gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2015 fashion exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass.” The exhibit itself was a massive celebration and rumination on the tenuous relationship between Western fashion and Chinese culture curated by ... more >