Are Gambling Movies a Dying Breed?

A different era

A comparative review of casino films pre-2000s with movies released in the new millennium suggest that this generation’s screenplay writers and directors have exhausted the genre, and the Internet’s various lists of top films in the category have not proven otherwise. The recent additions in the category have failed to impress at the box office with Jason Statham’s Wild Card, a substandard ... more >

REVIEW – The Hangover

 [rating=2] "The Hangover" opens from the desert around Las Vegas. A man bleeds from his lip as he speaks into his cell phone. He instructs a faraway bride to hang up her bridal gown. She’s not going to need it. They don't know where the groom has vanished. This edgy scene suggests that if you eat to the center of this comedy, you will find a secret of darkest cherry – something bleak and ... more >