SUNDANCE: “JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH”; America is on fire, it sure was then, also

A new time for revolution
Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield and Jesse Plemons
Directed by Shaka King

(this film appeared as part of the recent Sundance Film Festival’s selection) Martyrdom. Not everyone deserves it but when someone truly earns the moniker, their life can (or should) change the world. Director Shaka King’s “Judas and the Black Messiah” is confirmation that Fred Hampton was a true witness to his cause and his community. A man of passion and commitment, he was cut down at ... more >

SUNDANCE : Robin Wright makes strong start in directing films with “LAND”

In the mountains, there you feel free
Robin Wright, Demián Bichir and Sarah Dawn Pledge
Directed by Robin Wright

Robin Wright has long been one of our best actresses. Her work in much of her filmography over the decades has shown an intensity and depth, making her one of the most dedicated thespians of her time. To her impressive resume Robin Wright now adds the title of director with her debut film “Land.” Wright stars as Edee Mathis, a woman who carries the burden of an unimaginable tragedy but one ... more >


It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the notion that a year ago I was walking the streets of Park City, interviewing filmmakers and catching the latest releases. This year, the festival, like nearly all others, has gone hybrid, with a very few in-person events as audiences and critics have enjoyed the offerings from their covid-safe couches. Here are just a few Sundance ‘21 offerings to keep ... more >

SUNDANCE: “CODA,” a coming-of-age story loaded with emotional range

Making tough choices too early in life
Emilia Jones, Marlee Matlin and Daniel Durant
Directed by Sian Heder

The life of a teenager is so many things. It is a time of growth and independence, a time of friendship and self-discovery. But life as a teenager is also hard. You want to be independent and be your own person. You feel grown up and are beginning to make future life decisions while on the books, the law still considers you a child. In writer/director Sian Heder’s new film “CODA”, (Child of ... more >

SUNDANCE: Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr.’s debut film “WILD INDIAN” digs deep into two mens’ mutual and dark secret

When the past holds most of the answers you're looking for
Michael Greyeyes, Kirstyn Anderson and Evan Assant
Directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr.

A secret tragedy that two men carry into adulthood. A tragedy born from hundreds of years of betrayal, genocide and the lasting effect this country’s racism and constant suppression of the Native American people and their way of life has had. Throughout the decades, there have been films (but not nearly enough) that honestly attempt to transmit the narrative of Native Americans' life. Yet, only ... more >

SUNDANCE: “Summer of Soul (… Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)”

Harlem Cultural Festival, 1969: where were you when?
From our 2021 Sundance Film Festival coverage

“Harlem was Heaven to us. It was a place where I was safe, happy, and made lifelong friends... to us, Harlem was Camelot.” -Festival attendee The Harlem Cultural Festival in the Summer of 1969. A free concert attended by over 300,000 people. The great Stevie Wonder takes the stage on a rainy afternoon. After singing a while, Wonder takes to the drums and the music is used to powerfully ... more >