Sundance: “FAIRYLAND”

Sundance 2023 / Premieres Selection

Andrew Durham’s debut feature “Fairyland” is an emotionally-rich character piece with an acute sense of time and place. Adapted by Durham from Alysia Abbott's book “Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father,” Scoot McNairy is Steve Abbott, a writer and widower who, after the death of his wife, moves with his young daughter Alysia (Emilia Jones) to San Francisco in the seventies. Living in a shared ... more >

Sundance: “FANCY DANCE”

Sundance 2023 / U.S. Dramatic Competition 

Erica Tremblay’s “Fancy Dance” aligns its warm heart with the many indigenous women who have been missing and murdered without finding justice and the Indigenous women who must navigate the world where the system casts them as persona non grata. Written by Tremblay and Miciana Alise, this engrossing film is set on the Seneca Cayuga Reservation in northeast Oklahoma. It is here we find Jax (a ... more >


"He spit on every rule there was in music" (John Waters)

Early in the new documentary “Little Richard: I Am Everything,” two sentences perfectly capture the man and his legacy. John Waters proclaims, “He spit on every rule there was in music.” and Little Richard himself declares, “My music broke down the walls of segregation.” When we think of the “kings” of Rock & Roll, Elvis is always crowned the one and only. Presley is of course highly ... more >

Sundance: “WILLIE NELSON & FAMILY”; documentary pays eloquent tribute to a unique soul

A five-part film series

Sundance Film Festival 2023 Indie Episodic Trailblazers and Icons “Willie Nelson & Family” “I've got the song of the voice inside me Set to the rhythm of the wheel And I've been dreaming like a child Since the cradle broke the bow” The new documentary series “Willie Nelson & Family” premieres tonight and gives fans a heartfelt and honest look at one of the great troubadours in ... more >

Sundance: “FAIR PLAY”

Film is running in the U.S. competition slate

Sex and money and greed in the cutthroat corporate world of New York City. Writer-director Chloe Domont’s fiery new adult thriller “Fair Play” is the kind of NYC white-knuckle film where people in expensive suits engage in backstabbing and carnal knowledge; the type of subject matter that would make director Adrian Lyne proud. We first meet up and comers Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden ... more >


A night of woman-helmed "Mother Horror"

“Run Rabbit Run," written by Hannah Kent and directed by Diana Reid, is an Australian creeper that is essentially more of a psychological thriller than full-on horror. Sarah Snook stars as Sarah, a fertility doctor still mourning the death of her father, whose daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre) begins to inhabit strange behavior. Along with claiming she misses her grandmother (who she never met), ... more >


Film is running in the U.S. Dramatic Competition slate

In director Rachel Lambert’s “Sometimes I Think About Dying,” Daisy Ridley’s Fran is there, but she isn’t there. Life is moving, but not forward. Existing is questionable. Adapted from a 2019 short film, one that was based on the play “Killers” by Kevin Armento, Lambert’s film gives Daisy Ridley the proper role to showcase her impressive talents in. In a dreary Oregon town that feels as if ... more >