A must-see movie
Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field
Directed by Steven Spielberg

Last night I felt as if our sixteenth president leapt across the screen and landed at my feet. [During the film's production, the part of Abraham Lincoln was listed on the call sheet as being played by Abraham Lincoln, not Daniel Day-Lewis; source: IMDB]. What a tour de force. Spielberg has changed trajectory after an underwhelming turn recently and directed a marvelous picture, with a ... more >

THIRTY YEARS AGO TODAY – E.T. world-premiered at the Cannes Festival

And film merchandising would never be the same again

Thirty years ago today at the Cannes Festival the closing film got a ten-minute standing ovation, its director later commenting that “this was the best welcome I’ve ever gotten in my life.” The film was E.T. and the words were by Steven Spielberg. E.T. was a personal film, Elliot’s room is based on Spielberg’s own room growing up and the character of E.T. is a sort of fully-realized version ... more >

The Adventures of Tintin

They landed in Belgium (there goes the neighborhood)
Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig
Directed by Steven Spielberg

When Spielberg announced his plans for a “Tintin” movie, fans of the little Belgian reporter with the red pompadour—and that includes pretty much anyone who ever held a comic book—were thrilled. When they got to see the final product, less so. This big disappointment begs the question: Why ever did we expect otherwise? Why should we have thought that Spielberg, director of big American movies, ... more >

AFI 2011: Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg on Raiders of the Lost Ark. ... more >