she's gotta have it


"This vibrant series has pure delight in every episode"
DeWanda Wise, Anthony Ramos and Cleo Anthony
Directed by Spike Lee

In this wonderful series (based on his own 1986 film) Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” is a natural yet cinematically exhilarating look at Nola Darling, a modern black woman who makes no apologies as she navigates through her life and relationships on her own terms. Unambiguously set in 2016 (and 2018 for season two) this vibrant series has pure delight in every episode. The show centers on ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL, Spike Lee rolls triumphantly back into town with highly-pleasurable “BlacKKKlansman”

From the competition program
Adam Driver, Topher Grace and Laura Harrier
Directed by Spike Lee

The Cannes Festival gives so much room to new filmmakers that it leaves one in want of excellence, movies by the top echelon guys, the masters, the dream team. 2018 is a good year in this regard, with two master filmmakers, Lars Von Trier and Spike Lee, coming to present films. Last year, there was only one member from that club, Michael Haneke who presented “Happy End.” 2018 marks a comeback, for ... more >