identity thief

Identity Thief

Poor Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and Robert Patrick
Directed by Seth Gordon

Poor Jason Bateman. Nothing good ever happens to him. He doesn’t get to be Seth Rogen dishing out one liners. His form of comedy involves being the average guy taking abuse––punches, stomps, bites, and the rest of it. No one takes a kick to the groin quite like Jason Bateman. He’s a little like a modern Jack Lemmon, the normal man beset by his circumstances. In “Identity Thief “––aside from ... more >

Horrible bosses

The new sitcom/comedy
Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis
Directed by Seth Gordon

"Horrible Bosses" pretends to be a movie for all people who hate their bosses, but really it’s a film for all people who hate films. Directed by Seth Gordon and partly produced by Brett Ratner, it’s the classic case of a movie that doesn’t seem that wretched, until you start to take it apart afterwards and realize how badly you wasted two hours. It has some funny moments, yes, but that barely ... more >