• “We are two different creatures, right? You like the sound of crickets and I like the rattle of the taxis. You blossom in the sun and me, I come into my own under grey skies.”

    It’s no longer a secret that Woody Allen owns New York, is it? With a passion that fuels his creativity, Allen has turned the city into a canvas that transcends time and space.  

    And when he examines the lives

  • When planetary disaster strikes the planet, one turns to country-music for solace. The song in question was written by Grammy-nominated country music singer Sturgill Simpson and keeps making a comeback throughout “The Dead Don’t Die,” the new Jim Jarmusch film which opened the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. The song, which shows up repeatedly in dialogues, on a CD that changes hands, is a mantra, something for

  • THIS JUST IN: “The Dead Don’t Die” will open this year’s Cannes Festival (April 10th, 2019). After the dead rise from their graves, the tranquil town of Centerville has no choice but to battle the hordes of zombies come threaten their way of life. "The dead don't die" was written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, produced by Joshua Astrachan and Carter Logan and produced by Animal Kingdom (they produced Jarmusch's previous film, 2016's "Patterson").

  • The car porn chiller “Getaway” is a movie of wonder. I wondered about the way the film was actually made, the shooting sequence, the extravagant car flips and pile-ups, the monotone acting. Did Ethan Hawke actually shoot all of the gear-shifting shots? Or was that Ethan Hawke’s hand double? Did they shoot one gear shift and re-use that footage? Or is there a special gear shift for each scene so that each one has a different feel? And were Ethan Hawke and Disney queen

  • The story of four college students on spring break (played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) is inevitably going to spin out of control—agreed—that’ s what the movie’s poster tells us, what the trailer confirmed, and what the dozens of similar previous films have told us before. But let’s not sweat the small stuff. What’s interesting is how effective “Breakers” is cinematically: a great, awesome thrill ride. Watch out, however, because “Breakers” could prove to be yet another of Hollywood’s