“THE PALE BLUE EYE”: a candlelit murder tale that uncovers the darker facet of our intellect | REVIEW

Available on Netflix
Starring Christian Bale, Harry Melling and Simon McBurney
Directed by Scott Cooper

With “The Pale Blue Eye” director Scott Cooper has found his mojo again. Ever since his excellent 2009 directorial debut “Crazy Heart” and his 2013 sophomore effort “Out of the Furnace,” Cooper had struggled to find a strength in his follow up projects. 2015’s true story of Whitey Bolger “Black Mass” was underwhelming. The director’s 2017 Western “Hostiles” suffered from an undercooked ... more >

Crazy Heart

The Dude more grizzled and older but certainly none the wiser
Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal
Directed by Scott Cooper

The good news is, the Dude is back. The even better news is, he’s in top form and in a great picture. Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, an alcoholic, washed-out, has-been country music singer not caring much about anything after four failed marriages, a son abandoned years ago, a career mauled by alcohol and a star fading as rose that of a younger protégé, Tom Sweet. Bad sets the bar fairly ... more >