When the private chaos of a relationship becomes public matter; “ANATOMY OF A FALL” | Cannes

This film is in the competition slate
Sandra Hüller and Swann Arlaud
Directed by Justine Triet

My other favorite this year along with “The zone of interest” is “Anatomy of a fall” (“Anatomie d’une chute”), directed by Justine Triet. It’s a courtroom drama around a writer's sudden death at his chalet. His wife (Sandra Hüller) is also a writer. The disorder of their relationship, their child, who became blind following an accident that the father agonizes over, the woman’s need for space, her ... more >

Jonathan Glazer’s “THE ZONE OF INTEREST” | Cannes

Film is competing for the Palme D'or
Sandra Hüller and Christian Friedel
Directed by Jonathan Glazer

English filmmaker Jonathan Glazer (“Sexy Beast”; “Under the Skin”) was in Cannes this year for the first time with “The Zone of Interest,” a stunning new film about the Auschwitz concentration camp, more specifically about the family life of the camp’s top commander, a German officer named Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) who lives in the house next to the camp with his wife and their children and ... more >


TONI ERDMANN, the critics’ winning film at the last Cannes Festival

George Miller was asleep at the wheel that day
Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller and Lucy Russell
Directed by Maren Ade

The Cannes Festival is long behind us. Audiences have gone home, replaced on the French Riviera by vacationers and a number of controversies, nothing to do with the silver screen. Still, some may remember that the jury, headed by “Mad Max” director George Miller, had dutifully doled out its awards to Cannes stalwarts—Ken Loach, Xavier Dolan, Cristian Mungiu, Olivier Assayas, no surprises there. It ... more >