Les Misérables

In the footsteps of Jean Valjean
Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway
Directed by Tom Hooper

Anne Hathaway appearing in a musical doesn't surprise me. Her entire Oscar hosting gig felt like a four-hour audition for Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming movie musical for "Wicked." But who knew she could be so devastatingly good as Fantine, a woman struggling through poverty in France's revolutionary days who winds up forced to sell her teeth, hair and self to support her young daughter ... more >

The Dictator

The Republic of Wadiya welcomes you
Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris
Directed by Larry Charles

“The Dictator” is Sacha Baron Cohen’s first attempt at anchoring his own scripted comedy and to all the naysayers who think he’s just an attacker of “little people”—he proves that he’s actually an attacker of almost everyone. He plays General Aladeen, the ruthless leader of the fictitious Middle Eastern nation of Wadiya, who when not trying to keep a straight face when it comes to discussions ... more >

REVIEW – “The Dictator”

"A dictator must adapt to succeed"
Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley and Anna Faris
Directed by Larry Charles

Could there be a better week for Sacha Baron Cohen to release a film called “The Dictator”? A few days ago, Cohen parked a camel on the Croisette at the Cannes Festival, in what seemed like the first act of a cult of personality. Pairing a touch of showmanship, a frisky film, and the spotlight of the festival, the star of “Borat” all but declared himself the worldwide ruler of comedy. Like ... more >


"The Dictator" to hit theatres soon

Is there a funnier comedian around than Sacha Baron Cohen? No. I’m partial to Kat Williams, sure. But after that, things go blurry: living overseas, without regular cable access, your frame of reference diminishes. But there’s Sacha Baron Cohen--again--with that wordly appeal and impressive ability to channel a variety of subjects. He impersonated a white rapper (Ali G.), Bruno the gay ... more >

YEKSHEMESH | Kazakhstan reverses itself on “BORAT”

Thank-yous were probably long overdue

Kazakhstan on Monday made a public show of gratitude towards the 2006 comedy "Borat" for having massively contributed to the development of tourism in the central Asian state. Upon its release, the film, which describes Kazakhstan as backward and barbaric, had been banned immediately in that country. "After the release of this film, the number of visas issued by Kazakhstan has been multiplied ... more >


Ich don't think so
Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammarsten and Clifford Bañagale
Directed by Larry Charles

How will you know if Bruno is your type of film? Answer this question. How do you feel about a running gag involving an exercise bike converted for use as a super-dildo? Funny? Or obnoxiously revolting? Compared to Sacha Baron Cohen's breakthrough in Borat three years ago, Bruno is more outlandish, more perverse, more obvious, more rambling, more gag-oriented, more unfocused, much more ... more >