• With a budget of almost two-hundred million dollars and twenty-million-dollar salaries for its three stars, the new Netflix release “Red Notice” exploded onto the streaming service this past weekend.

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are the three big-name stars that are a studio head’s dream cast. What does two-hundred million and three of the biggest Hollywood heavy-hitters get you?”

  • We’ve reached a crisis point in the American comedy: why can’t Jason Bateman get promoted or laid?

    This summer's comedies are stocked with middle-aged men who dream of having sex but never do. That’s a healthy sign for marriage, I suppose. But if you’re a married dad who secretly wishes he could spread the seed again, do you want to spend $10 to go watch a movie about another guy who can’t, either?

  • The inimitable Kevin Bowen reviews the latest Ryan Reynolds, Martin Campbell-directed vehicle "The Green Lantern."

    Test pilot Hal Jordan joins an interplanetary army built on the idea that pure willpower can overcome fear, making the universe safe for corrupt politicians and the military industrial complex.

  • Buried taps into one of the few remaining stories of […]