In a Judd Apatow world no detail is spared
Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne
Directed by Paul Feig

Midway through “Bridesmaids,” the bridal party dines on hordes of meat at a Brazilian churascaria, shortly before shopping for gowns. There’s enough tension to cut granite between Annie (Kristen Wiig), the still-single maid of honor and the bride’s lifelong friend, who favors humble, quaint wedding party arrangements, and Helen (Rose Byrne), a decor-obsessed trophy wife with money to burn. In the ... more >


Less is more?
Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins
Directed by James Wan

There are two good things about the indie horror flick “Insidious,” directed by the original “Saw” helmer James Wan. One is the awesome retro-Bernard Herrmann-style score, all-nutso violins in the key of “Psycho.” The second is that it’s always good to see Darth Maul getting work again. The years after “Return of the Jedi” were so hard on Chewbacca. Other than that, there’s not so much to say ... more >