POLANSKI to bring a film to the Cannes Festival

Belga Films Fund, Belga Productions, Wy Productions

"Based on a true story" ("D'après une histoire vraie" in the French original) is the latest film by Roman Polanski, and a late addition to this year's Cannes program. The film was adapted from the namesake novel by author Delphine de Vigan. In it, a writer (played by French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski's real-life wife) living in Paris publishes an autobiographical novel, and it does not ... more >


Robert Harris attached to write screenplay

History is an endless source of stories, which is useful if you acknowledge that every fiction narrative has been told already. It was recently announced that Roman Polanski is working on a new movie based on the Dreyfus affair, a political scandal which greatly divided in the 1890s and which illustrates one of the judicial system’s greatest failures. Dreyfus, an officer of the French armies, ... more >


And the point of it all was ...
Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and John C. Reilly
Directed by Roman Polanski

Carnage tells the story of two couples who meet to discuss in as civilized and understanding a manner as possible the schoolyard spat of their sons that resulted in broken teeth and harsh words. One pair of parents comes to the other pair’s apartment to discuss the situation. After they come to an agreement about the wording of a document describing the incident, things start going ... more >

Roman Polanski’s Carnage

The New York Film Festival opener
Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, and John C. Reilly
Directed by Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski's latest effort is an adaptation of French dramatic auteur—and, for a short while, Nicolas Sarkozy confidante--Yasmine Reza's play “God of Carnage.” After being favorably received onstage, both Broadway and the West End mounted productions to mostly positive acclaim. It seems natural, then, that a film version—a ninety-minute set piece in which the characters barely leave the ... more >

Press Play blog presents Polanski video series

Retrospective lead-up to NYFF Carnage screening

This week the Press Play blog's Serena Bramble and Simon Abrams are presenting the first chapter in a video-essay series on Roman Polanski's movies, called, unsurprisingly, Life’s work: the films of Roman Polanski, curated by Indiewire and Salon contributor Matt Zoller Seitz. Any doubt you may have on the producers' intentions will vanish as soon as you learn the first chapter’s title: Roman ... more >

The Ghost Writer

[rating=1] It might occur to you after watching "The Ghost Writer" how little the mystery really needs to matter in a mystery. The film’s would-be stumper isn’t much of one. The solution doesn’t impress. Yet you move slowly and unstoppably into its silent unease. "The Ghost Writer" is, predominantly, a film of mood and execution. As such, Roman Polanski’s new film is one of my easiest top-graders ... more >

Roman Polanski Arrested

But you can still watch "The Ghost Writer," in theatres now

Roman Polanski has been arrested in Europe. What news! It's incredible that thirty years later that incident still haunts him and captivates popular imagination. Polanski, 76, had lived in France for decades to avoid being arrested if he enters the U.S. He declined to collect his Academy Award for Best Director in person when he won it for "The Pianist" in 2003. He was en route to the Zurich ... more >