CANNES FESTIVAL: not beating around the bush, “Final Cut” (“Coupez!”) was insane and brilliant

A movie set bares all
Romain Duris, Bérénice Bejo and Grégory Gadebois
Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

CANNES, France — I have an ear-to-ear smile plastered on my face as I just watched the trailer for "Coupez!" the next-day refresher after taking in the movie last night here in Cannes, where it opened the 75th edition of the festival. At the screening I laughed and I laughed and I laughed again. Because the film is brilliant and handled with maestria by Michel Hazanavicius (“The Artist”) and it's ... more >

Mood Indigo

L'écume des jours
Romain Duris et Audrey Tautou
Directed by Michel Gondry

This is the surreal and poetic story of a young idealistic and inventive man, Colin, who meets Chloe, a young woman who could be the incarnation of a blues piece by Duke Ellington. Their idyllic marriage turns to bitterness when Chloe falls ill due to a water lily that's growing in her lung. To pay for his care in a fantasyland Paris, Colin must work under increasingly absurd conditions while all ... more >


By ALI NADERZAD - July 2, 2010Personally, Action Comedy. And Vanessa Paradis. They are in vogue both of them. I especially love that brand-new genre that studios have espoused and are now churning out new material constantly. And the French are following. This time it’s Pascal Chaumeil’s “Heartbreaker,” an action-packed romantic comedy starring Romain Duris (“The beat that my heart skipped”, ... more >

Dans Paris

City of Light gets top billing in French film
Romain Duris, Louis Garrel and Alice Butaud
Directed by Christophe Honoré

Curiously, Dans Paris (Inside Paris), second feature-film from the young French director Christophe Honoré (Ma Mère) takes place in a suburb of the French capital. The City of Lights is never far from consciousness; and its proximity is constantly reaffirmed by the ubiquitous Eiffel Tower, visible out of most windows, and in numerous exterior shots. Jonathan (Louis Garrell) and Paul (Romain ... more >