CANNES FESTIVAL (DAY ONE): Farhadi Lite opens the Cannes Festival, Edouard Baer delivers euphoric ceremony opener

Last night’s opening ceremony, which was shown to the press corps via simulcast in the Debussy theater, was pure joy, especially if you speak French. French film and theater actor Edouard Baer emceed the event with ironic bonhomie and a piano player who accompanied him as he delivered a spoken-word-style love letter to cinema and to humanity at large. With Anna Karina, the actress from “Pierrot le ... more >


Ambulance chasing, Argentine style
Ricardo Darin and Martina Gusman
Directed by Pablo Trapero

Grit, tears and perspiration. Argentine--must be a Pablo Trapero movie. With his camera often trained on the working-class rung of his country, Trapero calmly deconstructs in an hour and a half or so how people put up with the “general cussedness of things.” Make a buck, sometimes quickly, break a rule or two, breathe in—and out. Some professions are better-paid than others. In Carancho (which ... more >