OPINION: Watching movies at home

Netflix's "Watch Now" selection is in need of some T.L.C.

I recently blogged about the Netflix breakup, wondering if the recent announcement that Reed Hastings (pictured) is splitting up the DVD and streaming operations wasn’t code for “bubye DVDs.” Come Christmas we might be relying fully on our Roku box for at-home entertainment—and that’s a scary thought. Compared to its DVD library, Netflix's Watch Now catalog is dismally limited. Sure, you can find ... more >

Dish Network to COMPETE with Netflix

Is trouble brewing in Los Gatos?

Will 2011 finally be the year of Netflix’s demise? At the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised to get another email from Reed Hastings, one that would start with, “I’m sorry, Ali. I effed up. I mistakenly sold our streaming division to some Mumbai-based company and all you’ll be getting from now on will be Shahrukh Khan biopics and Bollywood re-runs. I am really sorry, Ali. Can you forgive ... more >