• Ramin Bahrani steers far clear of the conventional.  Roger Ebert called him one of the most promising filmmakers on the scene, and indeed Bahrani dedicated “99 Homes” to the late critic.  His more recent films include the HBO movie “Fahrenheit 451” and “The White Tiger,” the latter for which he was Oscar-nominated.  All feature protagonists who are complicated or unusual.  

    Bahrani has kept up this trend with

  • Ramin Bahrani is part of the Iranian diaspora called second generation. Having lived in America most of his life, his first film Man Push Cart got him major nods on the festival circuit. And the festival buzz is a good buzz. It sustains a filmmaker. It helps that his sophomoric work opus Chop Shop was well received at the Director's Fortnight in Cannes two years ago, too. Bahrani is off to Venice to present Goodbye Solo, you could say the final chapter of his trilogy about men who surrender themselves to a half-contented life of work and solitude.