FESTIVAL BEAT: Vera Farmiga in “Higher Ground”

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. -- “Higher Ground” is a nuanced tale of one woman struggling to balance her rebellious intellect with her membership in a restrictive Christian sect. Eventually, after twenty years of compliance she decides to turn away from her faith. Vera Farmiga (“Up In The Air”) directs and stars in “Higher Ground” and also co-wrote the script with Carolyn S. Briggs, whose memoir “This ... more >


Provincetown, Mass., prides itself on several achievements, including being America’s oldest art colony and a destination of choice for gays and lesbians. Since 1999, it has also hosted the Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF). With a budget that sets it at the more extreme side of the arc that would have a behemoth such as the Cannes Film Festival at the other end, the PIFF is ... more >