“Game of Thrones” season 8 to begin airing tonight on HBO

A new season is coming

What's "Game of Thrones," you ask? This Shakesperean tragedy with plenty of parallels to be drawn with our century, chockfull of epic battles, sex and betrayal and set in a fantasy medieval-type atmosphere, depicts the epochal clashes between power-hungry monarchies. Each one wants to seize the iron throne, all this action taking place on a continent named Westeros. Bi-partisan? Mythological? ... more >

Peter Dinklage is a bad ass–enough said

The often dour-faced Peter Dinklage can be rip-roaringly funny, at times. The star of "Game of Thrones" will be proving this again when he appears in an as yet-untitled comedy produced by Paramount and written by Andrew Dodge, who previously collaborated with Jason Bateman. Little is known for now concerning this irreverent comedy in the same vein as "Bad Santa" except that it will probably be "R" ... more >