• Gail Gadot became a well-deserving star as Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman in Patty Jenkins’s 2017 adaptation of the DC Comics series. In a sea of dour superhero performances from the DC comics films, Gadot’s Wonder Woman was a shining light. The actress was fresh and fun, fully capturing what makes the character so special. Gadot brought honor and respect to her performance of the much-beloved superhero.

  • A virgin inspired by a divine sense of mission. A legendary sword. A bitter battlefield stalemate. And a France in need of saving. "Wonder Woman," the summer’s biggest hit, has been hailed for resurrecting one of the great heroines of the past. But the heroine being revived isn’t only the comic book phenomenon. It would be Joan of Arc, as well.

    The story of St. Joan was one of the strangest black swan events in all of history. I’m sure the English and Burgundian French military planners laid out many possibilities during the Hundred Years War; it’s unlikely they were worrying much about losing