REWIND | LETTER FROM PARIS, The culture feast

"Le Redoutable," "Young Karl Marx" and "Loving Vincent"
All of the above-mentioned films are in theaters in France now

(this article is a reprint; it was originally published on Screen Comment in 2017) Were I ever tempted to leave Paris and pitch my tent in a warmer city, a city where it doesn’t rain as often, where skies are bluer and inhabitants smile, I only need to look back on this last week to realize that I could never live elsewhere (but I already know that.) So how did that week go? I saw ... more >


French tax incentives: Luc Besson can’t catch a break on home turf | VALERIAN

PARIS - The upcoming film VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS (2017) has a bang up cast (Cara Delevingne, Dane DeHaan and Clive Owen), will employ a twelve-hundred-person crew, take six months to shoot (with principal photography starting in January) and has been in the preparatory phases for two years. From a Frenchman's viewpoint, at least, it's a big deal. And yet, instead of being ... more >

The most beautiful city in the world …

Is also a hotbed of filming activity

Paris was the scene of 988 film shoots in 2012, 5% more than in 2011, the emergence of the advertising business and short film industries offsetting a decline in feature films and fictions, as was announced by the French capital's mayor Bertrand Delanoë today (read his blog here-in French) These 988 films represent 3307 days of filming. In 2011, Paris had served as backdrop for 940 films, which ... more >