White Elephant

Adventureland in slumville
Ricardo Darin, Jérémie Renier and Martina Gusman
Directed by Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero is a socially-committed filmmaker who delivers powerful movies. After "Leonera" (2008) and "Carancho" (2010) he delves into one of Argentina's more bothersome problems, its everspreading urban slums. In an Argentina that's been licking its economic wounds, the slum have become a supporting character in and of itself. In the vein of Ken Loach or Fernando Meirelles Pablo Trapero ... more >


Ambulance chasing, Argentine style
Ricardo Darin and Martina Gusman
Directed by Pablo Trapero

Grit, tears and perspiration. Argentine--must be a Pablo Trapero movie. With his camera often trained on the working-class rung of his country, Trapero calmly deconstructs in an hour and a half or so how people put up with the “general cussedness of things.” Make a buck, sometimes quickly, break a rule or two, breathe in—and out. Some professions are better-paid than others. In Carancho (which ... more >