Midnight in Paris

Grand cru from Allen should charm for sure
Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates
Directed by Woody Allen

Yes, you can believe what you’ve been reading – "Midnight in Paris" really is the best Woody Allen film in a long time. It’s a love letter to Paris, an ode to the Jazz age and the writers of the Lost Generation, and a romance with the past. It’s also the handoff of the baton of cinematic neurosis between Woody Allen and the film’s star, Owen Wilson. Allen and Wilson have both formed their ... more >

Hall pass

Delivers most of the goods
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate
Directed by Bobby Farrelly

Could "Hall Pass" be the nail in the coffin for the Farrelly brothers' careers? A long time ago these guys used to be able to reach into the bottom of the barrel and pull out a real gag--now they just settle for cheap shocks. Their script, which they wrote with Pete Jones and Kevin Barnett, is a good idea that, put in more capable hands could have been a much better movie. Instead, it’s ... more >