Savages Trailer RELEASED

Benicio del Toro is back in full effect

With all the cartel and gang violence happening south of the border it would be a shame not to have a proper movie made by a fitting director. Oliver Stone thinks big and he’s the right moviemaker to tackle American on Mexican drug trade violence in Savages, slated for a July 6 release (Universal). At least, that’s the impression we got after watching the trailer which was just released. You want ... more >

South of the border

Oliver Stone tracking the world’s political movements
Tariq Ali, Raúl Castro and Hugo Chávez
Directed by Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone’s short film “South of the Border” documents the (in)famous director’s lovefest-of- a-tour across Leftist South America. His main focus is on Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela—or its dictator, depending on whom you ask. The thrust of this short, very one-sided film is simple: everything you think you know about Chavez and his comrades is wrong. Let Oliver show you the real ... more >